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Originally Posted by Padre View Post
Thanks for the info. I'm still researching and trying to keep costs down. I also want to keep the car setup so I can run the Texas Mile if I'm ever able to get there. So any suggestions welcome.

Since you are only looking to run a 17" wheel on the back and you are lowered I would recommend running our BMR non-adjustable lower control arms (TCA028). These non adjustable lower control arms will allow you to run the sway bar you already have and will work well with you being on a budget. With these you will need to run adjustable toe rods (TR003 or TR004) so you can get the adjustment needed to get the desired alignment specs but this combination will allow you to get right at 0 camber which will be ideal for drag racing.

Shoot me a PM or e-mail Padre and I will see what I can do for you so we can get some more BMR parts added to the car.


Originally Posted by Criag B View Post
Will these be made of chrome moly?
These newly designed arms will be made out of mild steel just like our current ones are. The only lower control arm will build that are chrome moly are our MTCA030 which are more race oriented and are what we include in our BMR drag race suspension package that are used when guys are looking to run a 15" rear wheel.
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