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Originally Posted by el ess A View Post
There may be something to do with artificially curbing production due to several factors. One of them that cars don't usually sell well in winter months overall, there's plenty of ZL1s from 2013 still hanging around, 1LEs, not sure if they're selling a crap load of them, although percentage-wise Camaro5 SS buyers tend to lean that way if possible. And the tire issues are one headache they don't have to deal with this year. Probably a learned lesson from last year, and there was probably a back and forth fencewalk on whether or not to continue production. In the end, you want a ZL1 or 1LE, you'll just have to wait.
The dealer by me has 3 ZL1's . 1 vert 2 coupes . Had them all summer,too.
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