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The ZL1 was engineered, designed, and federally certified with the Goodyear tires. The EPA ratings and all safety ratings were done with those tires. In order to sell the car with different tires, I would imagine that they would have to recertify with the Feds. That is the bureaucracy for you. There are a lot of people in this country that live in areas that never reach 20 degrees and some that never see 40 degrees. However, the cars are built in Canada. I would imagine that 20 degree weather is not very uncommon in Canada in the winter time. Since these cars will be driven around in Canada for the process of moving them from the production line to the parking lot to the rail cars it only makes sense to temporarily suspend production. Compared to the total sales of Camaros, the number of customers impacted by this will be minimal. The customers for these cars also generally know exactly what they want and will be willing to wait a couple of months for their car. I waited nearly 4 months before my car was even accepted for production. I placed my order the first week of July 2012, and did not even know if the car would be produced until the very end of October 2012.
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