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Originally Posted by NorthTex45thSS View Post
What a joke! Because of the tires? I drive on drag radials year round snow rain or shine! Its a shame this is probably due to all the frivolous lawsuits these days! All it takes is some idiot with more dollars then common sense to wreck a zl1 or 1le and sue because it was the tires fault they lost control! SMH
OK. Texas "snow" maybe.

Michigan snow? How about Canada snow? haha. Tires is everything. "JUST BECAUSE OF TIRES". haha. I drove my 2SS 20" Perelli's once on the snow (packed hard, normal snow, not fluf snow). I turned the wheel left, car went straight. Turned right, car went straight. Damn thing just went straight. This is at 20mph. Actually, I couldn't get over 20mph on flat ground! Then I tried to stop... just kept going. I've always had F-Body's... always a WS6 through the years (first was a 1988!).. they all are bad in snow. The 2010+ with the 20's... DEADLY IN SNOW. Imagine in a hilly area.. coming down a hill.. picking up speed... brakes on... ABS.. haha.

1LE, Z28... even worse.
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