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Originally Posted by FenwickHockey65 View Post
Are you completely forgetting Camaro is built in CANADA? It doesn't matter where the cars are heading if the tires are cracking at the assembly plant.

A 1LE could be heading for Death Valley for all I care. It'll still get there with cracked tires because Canada is freaking cold.

No I haven't forgot, I live in Michigan and own one of the 12's built week one in Feb that sat on the lot in Canada for most of the winter before delivered in 2013. I get the tires are sensitive to cold but come on. There must be few hundred junk sets of tires by now as it's below 20 degrees tonite.

GM is still delivering cars in December and It's how warm there, 10 degrees tonight. They posted a buliten regarding these tires from nearly day one and many of dealers with cars on lots all night in cold climates. Do you think your car is going to delivered in heated comfort? How about the tires themselves, Being delivered, better check to see if the mountains are blue!

I get it it's a safety percaution and glad there minimizing delivery if they are having problems, they are not going to get them all nor have in the past, currently or in the future. Tires are likely one of a few reasons.[/QUOTE]
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