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2010 RS does GREAT at a Mustang club as a guest.

My Boss has a 2011 5.0 with exhaust and CAI putting out 460HP. My car(320HP) only has a Magnaflow single muffler and Injen CAI and ive never did any drag racing with it yet on a track. We were invited to run the DANA two mile test track with 45 degree banked corners in a drag style format staying in our own lanes at a TOLEDO MUSTANG CLUB event.Ive been on a few open track events over the years and have autocrossed for 15 years.He is strictly a drag raceer and street racer himself.I ended up passing him in the middle of turn one as I decided to take the far outside lane to carry more speed up top.IT WORKED PERFECTLY because he lifted going into the inbankment due to his inexperiance with this type of driving.I had such a big lead going into the second straightaway that he couldnt even come close to catching me.I was SOOOO happy that I didnt embarass myself infront of some of the cocky Mustang guys that were there.THEY were SHOCKED that I beat him as he is one of their long time members and they knew about his car he just traded his 2011 CAMARO V6 in on. I even ended up getting 3rd fastest speed around the roadcourse they had coned off around the facility in my group of other Mustangs. All in all it was a GREAT time and made me proud of my CAMARO to spank some Mustangs at their own event.
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