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Originally Posted by alrox View Post
Read this

Clutch dust does get into the clutch fluid system in Corvettes and I see no reason why it won't happen on the same type of system in the Camaro. You will end up with clutch dust in your brake fluid if this system is like the Corvette's. This is a bad design.

Look for Chevy to change this soon because it appears to be a cost cutting measure.
This is fantastic information. I never would have believed that the clutch dust would get into the fluid, but this video is proof positive. After seeing this, I'm going to watch the combined reservoir like a hawk. The second I see any signs of clutch dust contamination, I'm going to get the separate reservoir for the clutch. It's bad enough to miss a shift, but I don't want my brakes failing because of clutch dust. Thanks very much for the info. Man this website is great! Learn something new every day.
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