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Thumbs down John L. Sullivan Chevrolet in northern cali (roseville)

John L. Sullivan Chevrolet in northern cali (roseville)

This was my home town chevy dealership before leaving for college. I have had 2 experiences with them, both times I went in optimistic.

The first time I went in it was to get a quote on my trade. SUPER LONG STORY SHORT, after 2 hours I had no quote, no keys for my truck, and they cold rev'd an SS in front of me even though I wanted a v6 (money is tight). Then he tried to get me to sign a credit check without telling me what it was. I got very frustrated and demanded my keys and left empty handed.

The second time I went back it was for the service department. I was hoping for a better experience. One of my TPS went out, I thought it should be covered under warranty. The service manager told me because I bought the car used (30k miles) he couldn't be sure the tires hadn't been replaced and therefore the TPS was no longer under warrenty. Wanted $120 to fix it. I left and found another shop to do it for $60.

I have decided it is worth the drive to find a better dealership nearby. Even as far as Sac. I would love to have had a positive experience because I do want to trade up someday. Time to find someplace new..
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