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Posts: 525 car has been stored for three or four weeks and I thought I could do it. I don't want nor will I drive it thru the winter, however I have decided when I get the right day of weather I am moving it back to my home garage. At least I can get started on some of my planned mods working on it in the garage in my spare time.

Once its moved... I will get started with the Technostalgia tail lights first. Today I ordered some light tint for the tail lights and will see how I like it for a while in the spring before I decide on permanently tinting them. I also ordered the same tint for the reverse lights.

My AAC ghosted side markers will also be here this week, so those will go on as well as soon as I move the car back.

Also ready by the time I get it moved back will be the reverse hood setup and the VDI vertical doors. I will tackle the hood project myself and make arrangements (again based on weather) to have the VDI kit installed.

I ordered a rear blackout graphics set and intend to paint the rear bow-tie Victory Red when that's complete.

Maureen at Rodgers will be getting me a color matched heritage grill with NO bow-tie, etc.

Ordered RGB halos for the headlights, strips for the grill, and interior RGB floor well strips. I will also pickup a white led bar for the mail slot when they are back in stock.

Ordering a set of ACS T3/S composite ports with the 3 led light pods each to be painted Victory Red (or I may leave black I'm not sure yet) as well and installed. My intent is that the lights in the ports and the white led bar will all be my DRL's and the halos, grill, etc. will all be via a remote.

Lastly working with Ivan on a custom set of red gauge faces.

In the spirit of my passion for this car I gave the project a theme or name...Scorpion or Rise of the Scorpion for fun!

Sorry for the long update and thanks to those of you who have showed interest. I just wish I didn't have to deal with winter as I really want to be outside in the sun getting my hands dirty.

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