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Originally Posted by jparigen View Post
I have had my Camaro since Mar 2012. At about 3,500 miles, I noticed the vibration and "rumble strip" vibration in the car. I took it into the local dealer and they were able to resolve the issue by replacing the TCC...that was over a year ago. Now, at 10,500 miles, I am having the same issue. I took it in to the dealer and they reproduced the vibration but thought it was due to the tires being out of balance. The tech said that it is a known issue with the V6 that there will be some vibration...which is not didnt do it up to 3,500 miles and it didn't do it after they corrected it the last time. I got the car back and it is still doing it. I only drive about 12 miles a day. It is very disappointing to have this issue yet again when the car has very low mileage. I know that there are some GM representatives on this board...and my hope is that I get some guidance on how to proceed. I don't have (nor does anyone else) all kinds of time to waste going back and forth to the dealer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Sincere apologies to hear about the vibration with your Camaro. Any frustration this causes is certainly understandable. If needed, feel free to message us privately and we'll exhaust our options to help resolve your concerns.

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