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Almost 600 miles and no settling of the setup, like that. Been doing alot of around town setting changes. All low speed 20-50 mph around town and bumpy road settings as thats my ride all week. I have done 2.5 pages of setting trys and recorded what the results were. At this point front are at 9/9 and rear at 6/6 with all in my sig, tires at 34 cold and 37-38 hot.Ride is comfortable, soft over bumps, but controlled and solid, not like drop springs!
Car handles good, not as well as firmer settings but ride around town is to harsh over the bumps and ripples, it still has low speed "jiggles" but this setting combo works best so far. Big tires, maybe the craddle and rear arm bushings and 450-500 lb springs I'm sure accounts for the rest.
On the freeway dips and irregularities are soaked up and controlled, especially the sudden drops in pavement sections where you bounce back up after hitting them, to stiff and the shocks over control and the movement is to fast and "voilent" or quick to react.All inwhat you like though which is neat about these coilovers.
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