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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
How much fluid does the clutch require? Is that reservoir big enough?
I have gone to L.V. to go get parts for my next thing to do on the car, I did not look at how much fluid does the clutch requires, This is from a GTO that had a LS2 in it so that i think is good for the LS3. ( P.S. it looks like this is fine drove the car 270 mi in 105 temp and no problems )

Originally Posted by Vash View Post
Well it's good info, the vette info, and I would eat the crow plate. But still want to see proof that this system is getting contaminated. What does the service schedule say for refreshing the brake fluid?
Do you have your car at this time? and do you daily drive it, If you do you will see the color go from gold to brown in no time.
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