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I did a little more work on the carpc this weekend. Over the past month I was working on the random BCM glitches that came up, but they all worked themselves out after a few repeated flashes of the Metra heater and onstar modules.

So the number one issue was the USB port is not so accessable, and it was time to place a USB port on the console.

I laser cut an Acrylic cup holder glow ring for the console:

Between the cups I added a USB port and a Touchscreen Stylus, and up front I added a place to keep my sun glasses:

I used the same Aqua Green LED's that I used for the speaker glow ring:

I made a cold boot to music playing video, which shows about 30 seconds from Ignition Switch On till Music Playing, about the same as the Mylink Navcom had. Ignore the sound as my phone could not begin to deal with the bass response:
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