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So if SEMA is all about being different from other people, why are you throwing the same oversized wheels with rubber band tires that every single other person on the planet seems to be doing? Why not use that extra width to put a 20x14" wheel with a 375 series tire on there? And then put flares on the front to fit a 315 or something?

The two things I hate most about your car are directly related to the wheels.

A) I hate wheels that tall. They're disproportionate to the rest of the car. Imagine a 5'3" 105lb hottie with size 13 shoes. It just ain't right.

B) It has more ground clearance than a Subaru Outback. ESPECIALLY from the back. The back end is jacked up so high you can see EVERYTHING. Call me crazy, but I personally don't like being able to see the differential, axles, A-arms, and differential cradle when I'm standing behind the car. At least make a diffuser that comes down farther to help hide them and give the car a more "slammed" stance. There is absolutely NOTHING musclecar about a car jacked up 8" off the ground with exposed underpinnings.

I'm tired of the same old trends. Show us something new.
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