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Okay, this is going to sound funny coming from me, but this is the first hint of anything Camaro-related going to SEMA that I can get even remotely excited about.
Yes, the wheels are freaking ridiculous, out of proportion for the car, and possibly even a safety issue. You knew I was going to say that, and I'll keep saying it so long as people put gigantic, dumbass wheels on a car that's simply not designed to accept them. But let's put that behind us for now.
Doing whatever they did to get seven inches of clearance width out of the Camaro, considering all the issues particular to this car when messing around with the body back there, is a tribute to the kind of right-minded idealism, engineering and materials wisdom, and ability to make things real that this guy and whatever bodyshop (?!) he frequents/owns/has chained in his basement. It's a fantastic thing to have that extra wheel clearance, because when we start building the drivetrain toward the upper end of what it can handle and beyond to whatever people can dream of, that extra 3-4 inches of rubber is going to be absolutely necessary in the battle to get the car to hook up. And even with as much as I disdain the cartoon wheels themselves, the design is pretty and they're taller in the back than the front, giving the car just a hint of a rake that I haven't seen anyone, suspensionwise or wheelwise, go for yet. This car will look terrific with a big, mean, ass-up rake, and even if making it so will likely destroy its handling, so will a lot of things, and you pick and choose.

Bravo, EpicSS, you brought a grin and a thumbs-up out of the unlikeliest of folks. There is now something worth seeing at SEMA.
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