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Originally Posted by Buffman View Post
Why the 2014 hood is da sh$t?
I want the same hood just not vinyl wrap. I would like to have actual carbon fiber.

Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
Damn! $2K for an ugly-ass hood? I don't get the attraction.
Again I want the same 2014 hood, although if you think the OEM is ugly then I will have an ugly non-vinyl hood.
Originally Posted by Ricardo@Phastek View Post
Just got off the phone with Seibon and they are thinking of having something in about 6-8 months . I know that sounds like a long time but they have to get a car, make the hood, test the hood, and then finalize the mold. So it will take some time but hang in there, they are coming soon.
Good to know I will keep an eye out for them. I just want an OEM Carbon Fiber Hood, I wish Seibon were out this way maybe I could of worked a deal with them.

Anyway I would like to do a Carbon Fiber hood with the satin black insert. Then purchase a Carbon fiber spoiler.

Thanks for the replys, now just need to wait.
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