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Originally Posted by Avalnch View Post
Received my Quantum brake duct kit from JDP (no instructions btw).

Kit looks fine, but now I'm thinking about how to make it work with my Apex air scoop. The spot where the scoop sits already takes up 100% of the real estate that the brake duct would need. Plus, there is no more room anywhere else. So, my idea is to modify the air scoop as follows:
Attachment 582374

The air will get channeled into the duct via the scoop. Should be an easy mod to do. What do you guys think?

Come to think of it, might not even need the duct connection pipe. Just have the 3" flexible duct extend a bit into the scoop and secure it so that it doesn't fall out.
A few people have used the DRL's as inlets, but the most common is to use the area right there from the lower grill. What you are considering doing will probably work out okay, but I doubt flow would be even from left to right.

Also, we just received the instruction from Quantum. If you want to PM me your email address and I'd be happy to forward them to you.

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