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Originally Posted by dgriddick View Post
Oh.. I wont be replacing my 2011.. Thank GM.. You designers just saved the consumers a lot of money.. maybe it time to put a Mustang in the garage beside my 2011 SS since GM cant leave a good thing alone.. I have copies of the new paper when GM announced the discontinuation of the Camaro, the firebird has been gone forever.. I guess they will continue with the same feeble ideas until sales not only decline but deplete to where its not practical to make the car anymore..

Who sits in the room and comes up with these designs anyway?

GM.. pick some of us to be a focus group... but you have to fly me in, room and board, and a small compensation...
Read the thread, this car is Not the 6th gen Camaro it's only a movie car...

Have you not heard of the Camaro disciples? Most if not all of them are members of this and other Camaro forums. They are used extensively to decide on what upgrades and changes needed in the real Camaro design. They have been here since the beginning, Have you?
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