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Originally Posted by TLSTWIN View Post
Well, lets think about that with some logic though also.....

People that run stock suspension also are not doing a lot of aggressive auto crossing or road courses. So they won't have any issues

People that do push the cars hard have had to update the suspension to coil overs. Once you start pushing and driving hard, things break, hence the saying, you have to pay to play

Also, sometimes things break because the ride height is set too low, or improper preload on the springs or both.
Well said. It's amazing the coilovers we see come in for repair but breaking coilovers isn't always a bad thing. It just makes us redesign & rerelease giving an even more bulletproof product on stage 2, stage 3, and so on and so forth. As always we take care of the issue so don't be afraid to go out there and push the limits!

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