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I had Pedder's on my V6 and loved them! I went from the Eibach Pro Kit to the Pedder's and the ride and handling was so much better. When I traded the car in August Pedder's was a must have but couldn't get the parts. I waited and waited and waited and finally went with DSE for my lowering springs and 1LE/ZL1 conversion bars and I have to say, the ride is great, stance and handling is that of what I expected with Pedder's. Would I have preferred Pedder's? Absolutely but I got tired of the wait and I was working on a deadline to get this car modded as soon as possible. It's nice to see the red coils when you look into the rear wheel well but man, I can't complain. Seems like nobody wanted to take my money when I was trying to mod this car. LOL
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