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Originally Posted by chuckclanton View Post
Got the load rate from Hotchkis. 973lb front, 1143lb rear. No response from PFADT or BMR. Maybe they don't even know! Means Hotchkis my choice along with Koni Yellows when they are released.
Chuck, I didn't answer your question because it was the weekend. Those are my 2 days a week to hang out with my family and I do my best not to do work those two days, although many times that doesn't happen. I assume you have days off from your job and wouldn't appreciate someone assuming you were ignorant when you were in fact spending time with your kids.

That being said, we rate our spring rates differently than these other guys so I don't know how much help I will be in your search but here are the numbers.

Stock Camaro Springs are 150 lbs/in in the front and 375 lbs/in in the rear.
Pfadt Camaro Springs are 210 lbs/in in the front*and 425 lbs/in in the rear.

That's a 40% stiffer front end and a 15% stiffer rear end.
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