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Originally Posted by Addicted2upgrades View Post
I have BMR lowering springs 1" drop. I have a BMR sway bar also. The sound coming from the rear is like the sound of having 2 porcelain bowls stacked on each other and when I go over small bumps they raise and rattle for a half I've had an alignment and have been under the car 4 times to re tighten and all that jazz....what I think it is is either the stock shock gave out OR where the shock actually connects to the lower control arm where the bolt goes through is metal on metal....are there any bushings for that or is this normal? I can't find anything related on the forums, though I'm only on 22 ha.

Any feedback is appreciated Thanks guys

Definitely get up under the car and make sure that everything is good and tight and that nothing is loose. If you still can't get it figured out give us a call here at the shop and we will help you get it all figured out.
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