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Originally Posted by blackSSRS View Post
Hey guys i have a 2010 camaro ss and just got the street scene splitter, waiting to mount it but now that i see it i realize its pretty low. I am about to buy springs and was going with bmr 1.4" but now im thinking 1" might be as far as i should go. Also looking at 22s with low pro tires so overall tire height hopefully close to the same. Anyone have set up like this that can help with how low you are now and how hard it is driving n getting into places. Thanks
Most of our customers in your situation end up going with our BMR 1" lowering springs (SP019) just to be safe and to make sure they have ample clearance. Honestly you could probably get away with our BMR 1.4" lowering springs (SP022) but you would just have to be that much more careful due to having a little less clearance. I would recommend going with our BMR 1" lowering springs (SP019) because it will give you that nice aggressive lowered stance without sacrificing too much ground clearance.

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