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Originally Posted by Cuda7050 View Post
I ran the 1LE sway bars with the stock 245/275 staggered set up. It worked pretty well but I had 1.2-1.4 negative front camber which kept the car very neutral at the track and autocross. I now have the 1LE bars with 275's on stock nine inch wheels all the way around and 1.0 negative front camber; it has frustrating understeer and excessive outer tire wear at the track and autocross.

The 1LE bars with 1.4 negative front camber/1.0 rear camber and 245/275 tires is a good set up based upon my experience.
You defied the laws of suspension dynamics! something else going on. 245's neutral and 275' push? could have been pushing the car a lot harder
with the 275's. earlier turn-ins? braking late? etc. I've run both tracks with my Viper years ago and the entry into the main straight on both tracks is really tricky.
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