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Originally Posted by camarosource View Post
Going by the HORRIBLY LENGTHY ORDEAL the M5 owner had to deal with, I assume unfortunately even THIS owner will not experience anything less.

In otherwords, we are likely to see this be a LENGTHY ONGOING ordeal of what should really be a SIMPLE FIX (take responsibility)..

I feel SO incredibly sorry for what the owner is going thru, and when he likely *WILL* have to go thru before this is rectified.

The difference here is that the owners car is TOTALED other than the fact that the M5 was still salvageable (and ended up being reused by the owner).

I hope what I have said is NOT the case and things will go THE RIGHT WAY for john. :-(
The M5 was Totaled but the owner was able to repurchase the car from the insurance company (Texas) and rebuilt the car which is branded, you really have to love the car to do what the M5 owner did. The damage was more than the retail value of the car and it looked NOTHING like the ZL1 the owner here lost. I hope that John is given a car as good or better than the one that was destroyed. And I hope it is done quickly.
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