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My personal build:

CI 376- CR 10.9
Crankshaft? stock
Rods? SCAT
Pistons? Wiseco Forged -3.2 cc
Rings? Wiseco
Heads? Stock milled with LS9 head gaskets
Valves/Springs? PAC dual with stock valves, seals loctited down
Cam? NightFury, of course
Timing Chain? C5R
Oil pump? Melling
Aftermarket Dampner? ATI Super dampener
Anything else? ported intake and tb

Type? NOVI 1500 Centri @14psi, stock pulley sizes

Pump? ZL1, BAP
Injectors? Id850
Meth? Alky dual meth

Headers? Stainless Works 1 7/8"
Cats or No Cats? No cats
Cat back? 3" CNT RACING

760rwhp through a TH400 trans/3500 PTC converter. Approximately 860hp@motor

runs 10.3's on 18"drag radials and 20" fronts, street tune with 14* of timing...

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