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Happy New Year Every one Wow 2014 already!!

Couple of people have asked about my new Shifter and Leather boot install for my L99 (Automatic). Member CFD makes and sells several different types of shifters. The one shown and installed is the "Short Aluminum Brushed Shifter". They are actually discounted until the end of the week if interested. He sales this short version and a long version. CFD also sales the leather boots.

Here is the link to CFD profile to PM him for pricing

The difference in types---

The Long Version is direct plug and play. Very easy installation. Remove screws on back of current shifter and remove. Place new shifter in place and secure. That simple takes minutes.

The Short Shifter I have takes slight modification of the linkage to work. ***Once modified you cannot go back to OEM or another shifter without replacing OEM linkage***
If wanting to return to stock a new linkage is around $175 and must be installed from underneath car. I will show some pictures below what it takes to modify the linkage. It does require a dremel. The bonus of owning this setup is ability to change knobs at any time!!

Here are some pics to modify linkage for short shifter--Be very careful when doing. If cut to small it will not work properly.

Once you have it cut to right dimension its smooth sailing!! Slide shifter on and secure.

Now for the Leather boot install.
CFD does sale the leather boot as well. Another member did a great right up on this already. It can be found here. I followed and work out great.

Here is another link which shows further installation of leather boot. ***Be sure to read to properly fill in the gap between leather boot and cluster***

The end result if Fantastic IMO..Loving it so far and a breeze to operate. Knob was ordered from EPCO. Here is link to EPCO page

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