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Originally Posted by ssgirl2010 View Post
What's the price difference on the FICs vs Bosch?

they are all going to be a Bosch plug......FIC and ID take them (Boschs) and re-flow them and test them to be sure they are within certain standards and are within certain percentages of each other so you have even flow across the top of the intake. Both come with flow rates and most tuners can tune them well. Fic's were about 300 bucks cheaper for the set ...........From what I heard, there is quite a bit of markup in the ID's to get the tuners/merchants to push them over the others available. Im not sure if that is true, just what I heard. There seems to be come kind of Ford/Chevy battle over the injectors with each company claiming to be the best and some disputes over who actually provided the tune data for them. I couldn't read through all the B.S. and tell who was telling me what......Sometimes I got to think to thinking people were leaning me one way or another because that is what they sell and make the most profit off of........I ended up calling both companies directly and in the end, I went with the FIC's and have NO COMPLAINTS. JUST my 2 cents FWIW
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