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Originally Posted by jhoop302 View Post
The latest in the saga of the totaled ZL1 #1635...

The dealer was supposed to be finding me a 2013 ZL1 new. They agreed (or so I thought) that it would be for the best since buying a used one (yes, ME BUYING from them) could only lead to problems down the road.

I have been patient. I finally got a call on Monday (1/6) to come over to look at the car they "found" for me. They were sure I would be pleased. Imagine my surprise when the car they "found" turned out to be a trade-in on a new Stingray. The car was a 2012 ZL1, black like mine, but with a sunroof (which I do not want), 34% more miles than mine, new tires (why did it need new tires at 13,588 miles?), different wheels than mine, non-Chevrolet emblems front and back, and tinted windows. Also absolutely NO documentation on the car, even though I was told the car had more documentation than mine.

I was not even told the mileage on the car until I went out and sat in it for myself. Amazing that we had to go over all the figures first. And yes, I was to buy this car from them. They did offer $4K "feel good" (their words, not mine) money to buy the correct emblems and rims. However, nothing was mentioned about a lower price for the higher mileage.

My wife and I just were not that happy with the car. We offered a counter-offer and let the dealership for them to discuss our proposal.

When we got home last night, we discovered through this forum (thanks, guys) that the car was a TWO owner car, not a one-owner car like we were told. We also found out that the car was hit 3 days after the original owner purchased the car. WE paid $55 for a CarFax report--the dealer didn't even offer that for us. They did have some other report, but it wasn't a CarFax.

So they were basically trying to SELL us a 2-owner vehicle that had previous body damage, along with tinted windows, incorrect emblems, more mileage, the apparent need for new tires, and heaven only knows what else.

They called today to tell us that their original offer to buy THAT car from them was ALL they were going to (or willing to) offer. Take it or leave it. We really did not want a twice-used car with no documentation and do not feel it was a reasonable replacement for our show-winning, pristine, fully documented car with much less mileage.

So folks, almost a month later, I am still making payments on a car I do not have, and certainly cannot drive. And the dealer is unwilling to step up and "do the right thing."

I have retained an attorney, but really, why should I have to pay attorney fees when I am the innocent party in all of this. I did not ask for my car to be stolen by a dealer's employee.
just make sure you are keeping track of all your expenses (i.e. rental car etc) and i would get the highest priced rental something like what you were driving, because in the end they will pay for all this. they were at fault PERIOD! I am no lawyer, but they owe you a new car no doubt about it. the contract you entered into was leaving the car in good shape and getting back in equal or better shape (considering you were having work done)

The dealer is upset about the negative press they have received GOOD (jerks), yet they seem unwilling to do anything to remedy the situation. This just means they are idiots to not have settled already

I guess they will get what they deserve, even if I do not get what I fully deserve (my car replaced at no expense to me).

If this hadn't actually happened to me, I don't think I would have believed it.

The story has now been covered in the local newspaper (Cape Gazette), the local news station (WBOC), and a Philadelphia station (NBC10). Simply amazing...

you should have a magnetic sign made with following on it

DEALER NAME HERE wrecked my 2013 ZL1 and won't make it right!

and put this on your rental, they can do nothing to you for speaking the truth, they would not be mad if you were driving around with a sign saying how great they are....just food for thought

best of luck we are all with you!
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