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Been driving the Camaro most of the week after the temps got above freezing, zero stalls on the tune that would stall all the time. My catch can is now mostly catching oil, the first few times I had to get the oil temp above 220 ℉ to get any water out of the oil which there was some.

Unfortunately I either got bad gas from a station or the Plenum Spacer I removed really controls knock on a boosted application. Before when I was running E10 91 octane from a no-name store with the Plenum Spacer I had 4 degrees of knock retard @ 6000+ RPM. Now with 100% 91 octane gas from conoco and no plenum spacer I am getting 8 degrees of knock retard @ 3000 RPM and it gets worse. I had 17 degrees of timing, now I have 11 degrees, a lot of power sapped away. Will be filling up at my old gas station to see if it was the gas.

Also, the BF Goodrich Sport Comp2's have been awesome, 30℉ weather and wet roads I still had traction.
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