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We are now running and recommending the JGR Driven Racing Oil LS30 with the AC Delco PF48R Filter in all of our customers cars. It is designed specifically for the LS engine and it has high zinc content in a 5w30.

Driven Racing Oil - LS30 High Zinc Synthetic 5W30 Oil

Designed for high performance LS series engines, LS30 reduces oil consumption by limiting oil vaporization and foaming. It utilizes advanced mPAO synthetic base oils to reduce valve train noise and to provide high temperature and high shear protection for GM LS based engines with and without variable valve timing. LS30 delivers industry leading shear stability and HTHS bearing oil film thickness. Ideal for LS-based crate engines and supercharged LS performance engines as well as any performance engine that calls for a 5W-30 viscosity. Viscosity typical of 5W-30.
Product Features:

- High Temp High Shear Protection
- Friction Reducing Additives
- Meets Demands Of VVT System
- Reduced Consumption Via PCV

I think a good rule of thumb here is to change your oil every 3-5 months depending on driving habits or every 3000 miles. I change mine more regularly as my car get abused but it gives me piece of mind. I know GM is aware of the issue with the OEM pumps but I was told they think it isn't an issue. We're now using Melling pumps exclusively in our builds.

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