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Originally Posted by Dr. Evil View Post
Thinking about hitting the autox scene again. As I'm sure you are aware theres a lot of changes coming down that opens up all kinds of things for 5th gens. A 200 tread wear tire and the ability to step down 1" in tire diameter can level the playing field between the 5th gens and others. That said, most of my experience has been with 4th gen corvettes and a square setup.
Looking at the aggressive FE4 specs would the car understeer quite a bit? Assume a staggered setup. Only reason I ask is because I hate understeer worse than anything.
What do you think of this set up for a 13 SS non 1LE on a staggered set up:
Front: max castor, 1.5neg camber, .25 TOTAL toe out
rear: .75 neg camber, .25 TOTAL toe in.
I like the darty, quick turn in and don't mind if it tracks grooves a little bit on the road.
I'm just trying to get a handle on how these cars react to alignment changes vs what I'm used to.
You are on the right track.

Front Camber Max Out Negative Camber. You'll have to check the clearance between the strut-coil-sidewall. You can relive the OEM strut clevis slot to gain more negative camber -1.25 is minimum for AC.

Front Caster increase to the limit available based on ride height. The lower the car sits, the lower the caster number will be. You can use the OEM eccentrics for rear camber adjustment for caster after the hole is ground out to a slot.

Front Toe we want out, a lot -0.50 per side total -1.00

These front specs will increase tire wear.

Rear Toe should be IN +0.12 per side
Rear Total Toe IN -0.24

Rear Camber, less is better. The closer to 0.00 you can get the better.

These rear alignment specs IMPROVE rear tire wear.

These front and rear setting will improve turn in and reduce understeer.
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