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[COTW 6/14/10]: 2 Tone Cali Monster! CGM + SIM

Featured Camaro-of-the-week on CAMARO5 HOMEPAGE.

My baby recently got out of paint, i thought it would be cool to share with you guys the final product!
This week’s Camaro-of-the-week belongs to 69 Camaro 09. It’s our first COTW with a two-tone paint scheme. And although this Camaro has worn such a look for nearly a year now, it was recently finished off nicely with a set of Iconz wheels and Revolution Hood. However, this Camaro is not merely all-show and no-go. It’s got plenty of go with a supercharger and other mods under the hood (good for 11.914 in the quarter mile on drag radials). Here is its full set of modifications:
TVS 2300 Supercharger
1 7/8 Kooks headers
RotoFab CAI
3″ Zoomers Catback
Two-tone cyber gray metallic / silver ice metallic paint
Revolution Hood
ICONZ 830Z wheels
Factory ground effects
Lowering springs

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Updated 4-14-10 with Iconz Wheels

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Updated with Revolutions Hood

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