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Originally Posted by TrackClub View Post
You are correct, I've used a wrong term:

Easily done, but not much fun to have your feet held to the fire over it?

Based on the rim weight info I could find, ZL1 5 spoke rims are 11lb lighter then 10 spoke black rims. So it would make the front 5 spoke rim weigh less than 25lb (black ones weight 27). Z/28 rims appear to be in the same range based on posted shipping weight. ZL1 Rears would be a bit heavier as they are wider than fronts.
Wrong...again... BOTH are forged aluminum, and of very similar weight. They ARE, however, substantially lighter than the CAST aluminum 20s found on the SS...

...and just so you don't spend endless hours PROVING this statement, ALL weights showing reduction are, in fact, based against the CAST 20s on the SS... which is considered the BASE V8 car against which the ZL1 and Z/28 are off-shots. Other +s and -s are generally, unless specifically noted, against the SS as well.

On the ZL1, '14 wheels are '12-'13 carryover...that means "the same"...

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