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Well, no one here chimed in but if anyone down the road does a search here this is what I found. I opted for the Flex 3401VRG. Direct drive so on curved surfaces and vertical panels if my form is a little off it won't bog down. With the power I might be able to shave some time of detailing too. The cost is a slightly higer risk of damaging paint and it will likely be a little more effort to control. The Rupes 21 looked real good too but I just was not digging the large throw and the lack of it being "time tested". Who knows, maybe several years down the road I'll get one of those too!

For the Orange Peel leveling it looks like people are doign soem amazing stuff with Denim pads and a good high cut polish/compound like the Menzerna FG400 or Meg 105. I have the Mens, and just ordered the Megs and Denim pads to see what they do!
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