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Well, for my first time ever I'd say it went exceptionally well! I could have done a tad more with the 2000 grit probably to get out a few deeper 1500 scratches. Keep in mind these panels are just thin wood (2x4 sheet cut into smaller panles). I scuffed the paint (it was pre painted) and just painting. No high build primer, no block sanding, little prep at all. It was literally my first time spraying paint and using a Turbine on top of that. Got some orange peel and oddly it was worse in bands (yes the gun was always equally distant to the piece). The OP banding happened on all the panels in the same pattern so it's likely I had a small blockage or clog or something with the gun setup.

Anyway, it was painted with PPG paint black base and 2 coats of clear. It cured for 6 months so I thought it might be tough to sand. Nope, sanded down real quickly. I started (all done wet) with 1200, then 1500, then 2000. Then I buffed with my 7424XP an orange pad and Menzerna FG400. Need to do that 3 times to get out all the sanding marks (probably should have started with wool, but I never did that before. Guess I need to read about the wool pads). Then I did one pass with a white pad and Menzerna 4000.

The paint still has a tad of wave to it. Could be so many things since like I said my prep was quite minimal. My final goal is too be doing airbrush work on these panels. Maybe on some car parts, my Home theaters DIY sub-woofers, and anything else that'll stand still long enought to be painted . Actually, I'd love to paint my snow bike in a Kandy. That'd be sick.

So, I'll post again once I get the Denim pads and use them.

2000 grit - final

Before and after - most of the bad OP is on the top edge - but also look at the lights far right vs far left.

One more.

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