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Originally Posted by TBone View Post
Very good information on movement causing wheel hop. For those who don't know WHY movement takes place, think about it a second.

1. The motor torques HARD on a hard launch. Look at NHRA stock class cars and it's VERY obvious. Super Stock cars all carry the front wheels a few feet, but the Stock class cars make it clear. The Stock class cars all pick up the left front wheel. That torque on a Gen 5 Camaro without a full roll cage and subframe connectors, is causing bigtime flex of the entire chassis.

2. Your slightly modded Gen 5 Camaro has a limited slip differential. Those clutches in the rear are deciding where the motor torque is going by easing power on the slippery side and putting power where the traction is. The already engine torque twisted chassis is being "bounced" left and right as the differential clutches rapidly apply the engine torque to whichever side has traction. Bounce = wheel hop

Drag cars run spools which lock the differential so the axles are always turning at the same rate. NO side-to-side shifting of torque means those NHRA Super Stock cars that leave with the front wheels high in the air, go straight. Street cars that launch wheels high up, usually ends up BADLY.

In the old days, when parts to cure problems in street cars were not available or too expensive, guys made parts or "made do". I've seen guys regrind worn race cams. I've seen guys cast their own pistons. Stroker motors small block Chevys were a simple matter of offset grinding a large journal junkyard crank to a small journal crank. Voila! You now have a stroker crank for the cost of a machine shop crank grind.

My L88 Chevelle with a 2.54 Muncie left HARD at 5500 RPM, but didn't flex as it was a full frame car. It had home built ladder bars on swap meet bought 50/50 downlock Koni rear shocks and worn out stock shocks with extensions on the front. How did I keep it straight when it launched high wheels up? I couldn't afford a spool or even a mini spool, so I did what guys in the 50s did and weld up the spider gears in the rear. locked the axles together and it worked. Going around corners with the outside rear tire hopping was something that was just part of the hotrod game.

Just my $0.02
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