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Radar Detector Hardwire Install-Escort 8500

The following install outlines how I hardwired my passport into a power source located in the headliner that is only on when the ignition is on....I did this in my M3 and my wifes 530...and had to do it in my Camaro...I just wish one of you guys had done it first so I had a guide!!!!

***Note...this DOES NOT include a remote control module for the mute...I don't need it as the escort has auto mute.

The picture quality sucks because it was my blackberry, but beggars can't be chosers!

First step is to gain access to the interior of the headliner. Patience is key here as these parts were made to be installed easy...not taken apart easy. All of this can be done without gorilla force...keep that in mind....

First...the tools you'll need:
1. Wire stripers
2. Small flat head screwdriver...I call them 'tweakers'
3. Pliers
4. Regular Phillips head screwdriver

And some 'parts' you'll need (all can be found at Radio Shack):

1. Black phone cord (I used one left over from sat tv install, the cable is round as opposed to flat and that worked out for me)
2. Wire taps (see picture)

Phone cord (notice only TWO and green...that's all you need)

Wire taps (these worked EXTREMELY well): we go!

First step is to remove the lens from the overhead lights. I started on the right side with a little tweak...then on the left...the towards the middle/front...then back....

Next is the little silver reflector...same process...DON'T MUSCLE patient...

This next part is the hardest part...the mother of all evils. The white part has to come out and there's two pressure clips holding it in and the clips are towards the front of the car. It would work best if you had two tweakers and a partner lend an extra hand...each of you pushing in one clip. The clips are toward the front of the car and you can depress them by sliding your tweaker in the hole. Look at these the part...then reread what I just wrote. This can be a pain to patient and don't tear up your headliner.

The next part requires your phillips head...remove the two screws you see here...

With the screws out, the entire bezel is ready to come out. This piece is held in place with four clips. This does require some targeted pressure to remove...don't tug on the edges...reach inside the 'hole' you made by removing the light and feel where the clips are and you'll be fine. Pull all four clips out and the piece comes out with wires attached. The pics below will show you what the clips look like and where they are.

Unplug the harness from homelink(if you have it), unplug the onstar mic, and unplug the airbag light.

The only wire that carried constant voltage when the ignition was on, and dropped voltage when the ignition was off was one of the wires for the airbag/seatbelt this is the wire I tapped into. I removed some of the wire fabric tape so that I could tap into the pink wire for the power and the black wire for ground.

A picture of the tap...

Tapping in..

All tapped in...

Prepping the phone cord...cut off one end and strip the two wires. Attach the connectors for the taps.


Push the plug through the front of the headliner...and funny enough there's a spot that looks like it was made for the cord...fits perfectly. No force here...just gently work it through.

Now...reverse all the take apart procedures. You'll find it goes together a heck of allot easier than it comes apart.

The following photos aren't great...but they show the finished product.

Gratuitous engine shot...

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