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Originally Posted by EllwynX View Post
Utilizing Fords website to build a V6 Mustang with a LOT (but not all) of the options available gives me an MSRP of $29,420 before $1500 incentive.

I agree that in '02 the Camaro was overpriced (I got that loaded V6 for $21,000 vs the $27,000 MSRP) but to believe a 2010 V6 won't reach near $30,000 MSRP when fully loaded is wishful thinking imo.
Of course I did not stop to look at the CHEAP Mustangs to see what all they did NOT have in them, but $10k in options on a v6 mustang.... I would rather spend $10k on an old Camaro....

I will continue to WISH for the Camaro to START at $19,999 and have all the options we can stand for a few thousand more.

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