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Preliminary Drivers/Spectators Count, and Event Shirt Pre-Order Info

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The time has come once again to let your C5'er friends know that you will be coming to C5FV in

Let's get this thread started and updated to keep as accurate numbers as we can for drivers and spectators. As in years past, please let us know if you plan on driving or coming as a spectator and how many folks you'll be bringing with you.

Once you have posted up that you will be coming and who's coming with you, please run over to the Camaro5 Store to pre-order your event t-shirt. There will be ladies styles as well as the standard event shirt available at the Fest. As of today, artwork is pending on ladies styles, but the main event shirt is finalized. These will be picked up at the host hotel and at the GM/C5 tent as in years past. If you have any questions on where that is, just ask any other C5'er out at the hotels or at the track and they'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

Wrist bands for drivers and spectators will be available for pick up at the track entrance. Plenty of track officials will be available and on hand to get the lines of cars moving into the track as quickly as possible.

So let's get this going everyone! Let us know that you are coming and then run on over to the Camaro5 Store and get those shirts pre-ordered!


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Please remember to identify if you are participating in the driving events or just a spectator.


Drivers fee is the same as years past $100
Spectator fee is also the same as years past $20
Fee is good for both days...driving or spectator.

Equipment and Tech for CamaroCross

  1. Helmets are Required, if you don't have one try to borrow one. Snell 2005 2010 SA OR M rated helmets are required. Bring your own helmet or make arrangements to share one. There will be 5 loaner helmets at the CamaroCross course. If you have spare helmets and are willing to share please bring it. If you have access to a batch of SCCA rental helmets please let us know!
  2. Your Camaro must be empty. If it isn't bolted down it shouldn't be in the car.
  3. No drivers side floor mats are allowed.
  4. No drips or leaks are acceptable.
  5. Your battery and every thing under the hood and in the trunk must be bolted down securely.
  6. Your tires will have to pass the Lincoln test, unless they are slicks.
Autocross Staffing

We have NO SCCA support for the event. To make the event run smoothly we need Camaro5 member help.
Drivers MUST work the corners. If you do not support the event as a corner worker, you will NOT drive in the event.

Drag Racing

There are two primary objectives for Drag Racing.

#2 FUN

Here are a few things you may not think are important for the Drags, but...

Sun Screen
Hydration -- Lots of WATER

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