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Originally Posted by wakespeak View Post
I vote for keeping the 1LE and modding and tinkering with it for fun. The Vette has more prestige yes. There are always nicer cars, nicer houses, etc. How about a Porsche GT3? Wait for the Gen6 Camaro? How about the next GT500 (or will be called GT350) on the new 'Stang chassis?

Your 1LE has speed by the numbers, but from what you are saying you want more pick up. Could 4.11 gears do that?
I like Porsches but owning one can be very expensive. A new GT3 is way out of my range, but yea, that's my favorite. I like the Stingray, not really for prestige but for all the HiPo tech and big Corvette improvements. I just know I would dig owning one.

But like you said tinkering is fun. I would do the same with the Z51. And I think the Stingray may be US high performance water mark for a few years. So the 6th gen Camaro and future GT 350 I am sure will be improvements over the 1LE. I am not sure either will match the Stingray. I am looking into FI so speed will not be a problem if I go that way.
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