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Ok, my memory is fading slightly it seems. (But not that much.)

Doing some digging on the internet...

I found conflicting base MSRP+Destination prices, but here's a list of the options my '02 V6 had with their original MSRP's.

Keep in mind I never said I PAID this much. I paid a little less than $21,000.

Base - $19,015-19,504 (found both of these)
Preferred Equipment Grp 1 - $ 1,170
TTops - $ 995
Auto - $ 815
Monsoon Sound System - $ 350
Performance Handling Pkg - $ 275
Sport Appearance Package - $ 1,345
Power 6-way Driver Seat - $ 270
Bodyside Moldings - $ 60
Rear Window Defogger - $ 170
Traction Control - $ 250
Lthr Wrapped Steering Whl - $ 170

Grand Total -$24,885-$25,374

I am positive it was over $25,000. So I'm more inclined to believe the 2nd total.

So my belief of 'near $27,000' was off by approx $1500 or so. If I'd had leather interior it would have been even closer if not dead on.

Considering that nearly 8 model years will have passed since there was a new Camaro I don't find it hard to believe the 2010 V6 Camaro could easily reach $28,000 or more when optioned similar to my '02. Leather interior will add more. A convertible even more.

Thus I still believe a 'loaded' 2010 V6 for $25,000 isn't going to happen.

(I know I still have the window sticker for my '02. If I run across it I'll post a more exact amount.)
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