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What are you guys doing with all of the old parts ??

Originally Posted by Nathan Moreno View Post
Thanks Casey!

Basically we are starting over and replacing all these pieces we did. Dang GM for doing the refresh

  1. Front bumper painted with no orange peel
  2. Rear bumper painted with no orange peel
  3. ZL1 grill (brand new)
  4. RS head lights
  5. Rear tail lights
  6. Dry carbon hood (4 coats of clear on booth side. With the last coat being sating)
  7. Carbon Trunk (completely smooth the underside and painted in satin gun metal and the out sating cleared)
  8. ZL1 Carbon rear spoiler (satin cleared)
  9. ZL1 Carbon diffuser (satin cleared)
We are keeping the carbon rockers just in case we can't get the Z/28 rockers done before SEMA. The 2013 1LE carbon splitter looks like it will work on the 14. We will know later this week as the front dumper should be in tomorrow.

We just love the Z/28 look and the goal is to replicate all the pieces in carbon.
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