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Originally Posted by Ides of March View Post
I have a question about the oil percentage. I pretty much check the dipsticks for how low the oil is and when to fill it up with a bottle or two. My Oil is 35% which I know is low and my fault for letting it go that low. But I have to ask, Is that for the oil change or just when to give it a fill. I have about 2500 miles on my Camaro at the moment. I was just going to put some oil in myself, don't think it's oil change time yet. Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
OP, maybe I'm the only one who read it this way, but did I read your post correct that you only add but not change your oil? If so, remind me to never buy a car from you. If not I apologize for the mis-read.

To answer your question, personally for a brand new car I recommend changing the oil absolutely no later than 5,000 miles into a new engine. Personally I would rather change after the 500 mile break in period so you know if anything isn't going right before you get too far into a new engine. However, 3-5k is a good rule of thumb.
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