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Originally Posted by strych9 View Post
You should check your oil every time you put gas in it, period. Plus, the OEM-specified 8qts is too much oil for the V8 engines. 7qts (right on the add line) is where you want to keep it if you run your car hard. Why? Oil aerates at high RPM with 8qts in the crank case.
If you have to check your oil every time you get gas you need a new engine. I check every 1000 miles, before a road trip or on race day. I do a walk-a-round any car I drive daily just to make sure all looks right.

I had a car back in the 70s that I had to add 2-3 qts of oil between gas fillups. Fun times.

You are spot on with the oil aeration issue. I drilled it into my 4 kids to not overfill their oil for that same reason.
It's nice to have options.

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