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The next project is pimpage up front. I installed a forward facing camera and an LED Scanner bar in Mailslot, cause I wanted to go KITT with it. What I did not like about the scanner's available was the white LED's showing, rather I like it to look all black unless lit up. This is all to be controlled by the carpc.

Here is the standard LED Mailslot Scanner installed. The LED's are visible as white squares across the scanner:

I painted mine with a very thin layer of black spray so the white LED's would not show as much as on the standard scanner:

Next I put clear shrink tube over it to protect the thin paint from routine car wash scratches and the elements:

Then I tested it to see that even though painted, the paint layer was thin enough to let light through, PASS!

I fashoned a camera bracket out of aluminum and mounted the forward facing camera inset as far back as possible on the grill, and the mail slot camera in place. The camera has a swivel mount that allows me to aim it as desired, then lock it in place with a set screw. I aimed it straight ahead so I can record videos with that high speed effect, camera being as low as it is. It's been raining, and this is my daily driver so by Saturday morning, my car is filthy!

Back in the garage, I built a box to interface the camera, and scanner, with my carpc. I have a RAM USB Tough-Hub, and Easy-Cap Video Capture board, and a 0/16/16 Phidget I/O card inside a laser cut ABS box. The Phidget controls camera power and power to the LED scanner. I have a 5A breaker, and only intend to power LED or low current devices from the Phidget, so I alloted 2A to the Phidget and 3A to the HUB. I plan on installing it this morning since it's not raining.

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