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The question isn't whether we want them, although I voted affirmatively. We all wanted this afterburner effect months ago, and GM did what it could to deliver everything we wanted in an affordable package. As we all know, the current tail lights look a little different. The question becomes a matter of how we produce these lights. The obvious answer is that there is some sort of bulb with highly reflective material in a casing with a barrier that covers all of the light except the outside and bottom walls of the light.

So far, no one has been advertising that these lights will be available for the masses. I'd like to see a price tag because the lights would have to obey the law, meaning that they cannot be too bright, ruling out HIDs. LEDs would require several bulbs to produce the light necessary to go around a barrier. This consideration must be supplemented by the fact that the reflective casing must be red in order to avoid that cheap Altezza look, meaning that the bulbs have to be even brighter, meaning more LEDs.

In conclusion, I'd like to see these on a Camaro, but I'd also like to avoid being pulled over for dull bulbs. We already know that most of Camaro5 wants these, but what cost are we willing to pay?
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