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You Guys all Lied to Me!

So in the last few nights I put my mild to wild switch on. Like the change but not as dramatic as I thought.

Tonight I installed the Vmaxx. Awesome, I do feel the response. It's easy to feel the throttle feels lighter, nice.

But and this is a big Buttttt!

You all lied to me it took me 45 minutes to take off the engine cover, disonnect the 1LE provided from the factory cleanside oil catch system, take off the AirRaid tubes, just recently installed and then remove the throttle body connector, the 4 bolts for the TB put on the new one and reverse the whole process.

So I'm pissed, 45 minutes not 15 to 25 as some have said.

I do have to admit though it took me 20 minutes to find my tools and shine up the engine cover while I was at it.
The garage is a mess after working on my sons 1972 Blazer.

Seriously thanks for recomending this mod, it's awesome

The one I got was marked as new, though I signed up for a used one.
It was clean and perfectly packed. It also came very quickly and goes back tomorrow. I got the shipping label, it was worth it for the $15 .
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