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Originally Posted by k0jdd View Post
DISCLAIMER - The following post is neither an endorsement nor an advertisement for any particular product or company.
Any opinions expressed are solely those of the author. This information is posted for reference purposes only.
Caveat Emptor. Your Mileage May Vary.

I got my hitch!

It was manufactured by the Curt Manufacturing Company of Eau Claire, WI.
They plan to take this design commercial. See their website for more information including how to contact them with
your questions about when, where, and how to buy.

It took three days to design, fabricate, test, and install this Class I receiver hitch. I think they did an excellent job.
Comment from the design engineer "This is NOT going to be an easy install."

I should have had the car on a hoist for the following pictures, but sadly I have no hoist.

Images 1, 2, and 3 are rear views from various distances. It looks close to the ground doesn't it?
It actually has more ground clearance than the cataylitic converters.

Image 4 shows a profile as viewed from ground level on the driver side.

Image 5 is a reverse view showing the back of the receiver and two center brackets that extend up to the body.

Image 6 is a little complicated. You need to rotate this picture 90 deg clockwise to understand it.
The camera is directly underneath the receiver. You are looking up towards the passenger side.
The passenger side muffler is visible on the left. The tube extends up into the cavity where it is
welded to a bracket that makes the final connection to the frame rails.

The last image, from Curt's web site, is an example of one of their tube-style receiver hitches.
The 2010 Camaro hitch is similar to this in many respects. I am certain that the end brackets are different.
The 2010 Camaro hitch also has those two center brackets as seen in image 5.

Good luck!
Am I the only one that thinks it would have been better to put it staright through the defuser, like the IVER cars? That way, it would have better ground clearance, and look a little bit better.

I would be worried about hitting that thing on a parking block, or worried about it dragging it coming down a hill out out of a parking lot, or driveway.

But, it's your car. I'm guessing all the necessary testing for clearance have been done. Do you know that max capacity of the hitch?
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