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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
If you're upgrading from FE3 to an FE4 configuration….then yes, there are definitely some good benefits in handling. The FE4 sway bar functions more efficiently than the shorter FE3 set-up.
The sway bar isn't a lever, and doesn't gain mechanical advantage by being longer, in fact, because the stiffness of a sway bar is proportional to its length, they lose stiffness, or become less efficient the longer they are.

The stiffness of a sway bar is also proportional to the 4th power of the diameter, so it's no coincidence that the FE4 rear bars have a larger diameter than the FE3 rear bars.

Sway bars do utilize lever arms at the ends, but once again, these are proportional to their length, which is why the closest hole to the bar is the stiffest setting, and the further out you go, the less efficient they are.

The FE3 bars also appear to have shorter lever arms (more efficient) than the FE4 bars.

So why do people keep posting the FE4 bars are more efficient? Is this just an assumption that bigger/longer is better? Or is there something I'm missing?
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